Ettat Meat has been operating at its modern slaughterhouse and meat processing facility in Yıldırım district of Bursa since 1992. It has shortly ensured customer satisfaction by incessantly improving quality without comprising product and service quality, and has become a company that is trusted by consumers with its brand “Meradan”. It continues manufacturing on the same principle by grasping the secret of success without comprising its understanding of honest trade.

Ettat Meat is one of the few businesses in Turkey where livestock market, slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities are actively operating together. In addition, the company has its own farms.Thus, raw materials are supplied at the lowest costs on one side, while shelf life of product is maximized by maintaining the cold chain. Our company has specialized on manufacture of industrial products such as beef & lamb carcass and vacuumed meat. In 2011, long-life packaged meat products which are manufactured with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, were offered to the market under the Meradan brand. The product portfolio of our company includes approximately 100 varieties of products.

Ettat Meat has built its growth strategy on the “long-term business partnership understanding” with institutionalized large-scale customers, particularly with international chain retailers.

The factory is established in a total open area of 122.000 m2. The facility has a total indoor area of 42.000 m2, where approximately 15.000 tons of read meat is manufactured annually. The company expands its technological infrastructure and equipment park day by day through additional investments, and constantly increases its manufacturing and sales capacity.

Our company supplies its raw materials from Balıkesir and Bursa area, which are among the regions with the best meat quality and taste in Turkey. However, Ettat Meat does not merely rely on domestic resources, and supplies livestock and carcass from European Union countries (France, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania), South America and Australia.Thus it offers sustainable supply opportunities and competitive prices to its customers.

The quality policy of our organization is to manufacture standard and reliable products through specialized team work. In this line, the company has long employed good hygiene practices (GHP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Our company perfectly follows all legal obligations and addresses the requirements of Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) in its quality system. It is periodically audited by international chain retailers which are its customers. Ettat Meat, with its growing team of quality, is a holder of quality management system (IFS, BRC, ISO 22000) certificates which have international recognition.

Ettat Meat, with a project launched in 2011, has realized the monitoring system for all products from the farm to the fork with its Traceability system, which is owned by a few companies in Turkey. Thus it allows its customers to see in detail the source of Ettat Meat products they consume.

Ettat Meat is constantly expanding its vehicle park to improve its distribution network which has access to every corner of Turkey, and monitoring high-end technology in cold chain logistics which is vital for fresh meat. It has numerous cold chain distribution vehicles as well as livestock transportation vehicles.All vehicles of Ettat Meat are monitored via satellite, and temperatures inside the vehicles can be instantly controlled.