The animals slaughtered at the slaughterhouse which is integrated with the manufacturing facility are cooled down to 2-4°C in 24-36 hours using the gradual cooling system. Ovine carcasses are directly moved to the raw material storage room, and bovine carcasses are move to here after the quartering process. In line with the manufacturing plan, carcasses are transferred to the meat chopping lines.

The meat is diligently chopped by our specialized and experienced team of butchers, and moved to the next phase via automated conveyors. Here, the meat undergoes the additional processes of bone separation and trimming, sorted by their varieties and sent to modern vacuum equipment. The meat packaged with vacuum technology for industrial consumption gains a long self life. The meat is labeled, placed in boxes and sent to the storage room at 4°C.

A part of the meat which are butchered and pre-processed are taken to the modified atmosphere packaging section where retail products are manufactured. In this section, where top level of hygiene and sanitation is applied, the meat which undergoes various processes by the staff and modern equipment is converted into ready products, such as minced meat, cubic meat and meatballs. These are packaged with a protective technology which is fit for human health, and placed inside boxes in plate packagings with 9 days of shelf life. They are stored at 4°C at the product shipping storage to be transferred to retail points.