The manufacturing facility in Yıldırım district of Bursa consist of meat butchering and vacuuming section, modified  atmosphere packaging section, frozen meatball and burger manufacturing section, cold storage rooms, deep-freezing storage, acceptance-shipping areas, packaging and excipient storage, social units for staff and administrative offices.

The facility, which has been operating since 2010 as an integrated part of the slaughterhouse, renovates its physical infrastructure in line with the requirements and the technology is constantly updated.

The manufacturing facility has a capacity of butchering and packaging 50 tons of meat per day.

The cold chain is uninterrupted in our facility from slaughtering to shipping of finished product. All tools and equipment at the slaughterhouse and meat manufacturing facility and all storage rooms and shipping vehicles are constantly cleaned to ensure hygienic conditions. Hygiene is controlled by collecting samples from products and equipment at periodical intervals.

Our staff is constantly given training on hygiene and food safety to raise awareness. Our employees are subject to microbiological controls by collecting samples at regular intervals.