The basis of the quality policy of our organization is based on manufacturing quality, reliable and health products according to customer demands and requirements, and to ensure customer safety with our hygienic environment.

Ettat Meat has been implementing good hygiene practices (GHP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP) from the first day in line with this policy. Our company has perfectly fulfilled the requirements of Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) in all manufacturing processes since early 2011.

Our facility and our products are controlled by legal authorities, and are controlled via microbiological and chemical analyses conducted at independent laboratories by international chain markets who are our customers.

Ettat Meat works with a team of food engineers, technicians and veterinaries who are experts of quality. It actually implements quality management systems with international validity (IFS, BRC, ISO 22000) and certification activities are at the final phase.

Ettat Meat, with a project launched in 2011 which is managed by an expert team, has realized the monitoring system for all products from the farm to the fork with its online traceability system, which is owned by a few companies in Turkey. Thus it allows its customers to see in detail the source of Ettat products they consume.